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We have been married 3 years and just got a mini golden doodle puppy named Isa. She is so fun and we can't even remember what life was like without her!

She keeps us active and even tags along to some of our photoshoots :) she can't seem to stay away from our new friends! if she tags along you'll likely get a cutie pic like this in your gallery!


We love the friends we make!

Hands down, one of our favorite parts of our job is getting to meet and become friends with so many of you! When you book a session with us, we cant help but tell every corny joke, want to learn everything about you, and loooooove making connections! 

*Pro tip: Start talking about soccer with Hayd and you'll win his heart. Bring up indoor plants and yoga with me, and we are FRIENDS FOREVER!


Outdoors anything is our jam.

We love getting outside together! It is our dream to be able to have a career we can work on togeher. Being outside so much during some of the prettiest times of the year and times of the day is just a BLESSING. We can't get enough of lake days, paddle boarding, hiking and playing a good old game of catch with Isa ;)