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Cylee + Matt | Logan Canyon Fall Bridals

We met Cylee + Matt on instagram and we’re soooo happy we did! We planned the prettiest fall Saturday in Tony Grove for their bridals, but as we drove up the road, the biggest rainstorm rolled in!! We kept driving with our fingers crossed, but had to pull off into puddles, not knowing what to do! Cy and Matt were the MOST gracious humans, and put their full trust in us. We sped back down the hill and through Logan canyon till the rain cleared up enough to set up camp! It was like FATE as we pulled up to the prettiest clearing with wet fall colors and an open yellow field. Cylee and Matt were happy to be together and capture their bridals, rain or shine. They shared a few thoughts/vow they had hand written, and the prettiest light hit as the sunset. So so happy for these two and their love!

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