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Salt flats bridal session | Hayden and Megan

Couples tend to not want to spend the extra money and time — BUT YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT. It gives you unique photos that look unlike anyone else’s.

Ashley + Ryan | Salt Flats Bridals

Mountain top destination bridals | Hayden and Megan Photo + Film

This secluded lake was the perfect backdrop for their incredible attire. The mountains were quiet, wildflowers bloomed like you wouldn’t believe, and we watched the sunset while the mountains turned purple.

Narine + Jamil | Park City Bridals

Fall vintage utah bridal | Hayden and Megan Photo + Film

Stac + Christian decided to get engaged and married all within a months time — when its love, WHY WAIT?!

Staci + Christian | Utah Mountain Bridals

adventurous horsehoe bend bridals | Hayden and Megan Photo + Film

With the best audience, climbing up and down red rocks and catching the best views as the sun set, these two sealed the deal and their first week of marriage in the most incredible place: together.

Estefania + Mike | Horseshoe Bend Bridals

pretty fall bridals in utah | Hayden and Megan

We planned the prettiest fall Saturday in Tony Grove for their bridals, but as we drove up the road, the biggest rainstorm rolled in!!

Cylee + Matt | Logan Canyon Fall Bridals